Friday, February 1

A project coming to fruition

Through some dear friends of mine, I found out about a writing project for St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Walled Lake and Wixom called "Words in Red." It is about time for that series to start. My bio and my devotional are on page 22 of week 1-4 on the printed version available at the church office. You can subscribe to a devotional email at under.....

Words in Red
Sermon Series Dates:
01/29/2008 - 03/23/2008

In many bibles, interspersed among the black-inked letters and words, are words written in red. They are special words, not only do they break up the visual monotony of a black page, but they are words from Jesus’ himself--his own mouth. It is these "words in red" that will be our focus throughout the entire season of Lent, as we experience reality through Jesus' eyes and his words.

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