Tuesday, January 8

I've placed in the top twenty five....only two down from the top five

TOP 25 Faithvine.com Contest Articles


This is to inform you that our Faithvine.com members have narrowed down well over a thousand articles to the Top 25 highest-rated articles that attempt, in their own unique ways, to answer the question, "What Makes Christians Different from Anybody Else."

20 of these WILL be eliminated! It's up to you, our members to determine which five will be cash winners. If you don't vote you won't have any say in who wins!

To review the list, simply go to our Faithvine home page at www.faithvine.com and open the article titled "Top 25". You may also copy/paste the following link into your internet browser...


According to the website and a few of my friends who voted for me already, you have to sign up on faithvine to be eligible to vote. While I appreciate any votes that may propel me into the top five, which are the cash prizes, I would much rather you at least read the article and let me know your comments.
I think placing seventh out of hundreds of submissions is acolade enough. Your thoughts on my article would mean even more.
Thanks to all those who haven't complained by the mass email I've sent out about this and my apologies to those whom I mistakenly included.
In Christ,

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