Tuesday, January 8

A few comments to whet your appetite to vote....

I have removed the names, but each one of these (even the first one who didn't get what I was saying) are valuable to me, as a writer, because they echo what I wanted to say in the article I wrote......
Thank each and every one of you who voted and I hope these comments entice you to read the article and vote.

In Christ,

1. I have always been amused by those who use the works of Christ to justify intolerance of whole groups of people.

2. Man is doing it to himself all over again...he never learns, I have to agree with John. The signs are all around. He pays no mind. Self is the word of the day and how much can I accumulate in my short time here on earth, he thinks it will forever be with him. An interesting thought, all throughout history, when man reached the degree of corruption, degradation, immorality and violence that we have reached, what happened to that society. It disappeared. No man does not learn from past history. Sad to say.

3. This is an excellent article. Thanks James for all your good input and for the truth. I enjoyed it very much.

4. Wonderful point, it is true we don't learn from the past.

5. Good stuff Jim, My heart hears the ehco of what you are saying as God has been put aside.He loves us so much, but will not continue to stand by and allow things to continue as they are. Thanks Jim

6. This is an excellent article.

7. Excellent! It caused me to think. thank you

8. Amen! Couldn't have put it better myself - forward into intolerance. Intolerance to drugs, alcohol, unwed parents, homosexuality, corruption, and "itching ears" preaching etc., etc., etc., Thanks Jim

9. Thank You.....Thank You for restoring some faith in humanity for me. I was beginning to believe that I was one of few that see history repeating itself and mourning for the souls of America. We are living in a world of ignorance. Where people continue to \"Shut off the alarm clock\". There is power in Prayer. Let us pray.

10. Very well said! Great Article Jim.

11. Just what is needed at a time as this! My husband and I are preparing to address these very issues within our church. When we do not speak the Truth we are just as much the problem. It is so important to talk to your church leaders. Do not leave your church without addressing these issues and exposing the Truth. Only then should you lovingly stay or leave depending on the outcome. PRAY!! Thank you Jim for your inspiring article. Praise God!

12. Inculturation continues to be a plague to the Church. We are easily been convinced by our culture that zero tollerance equates to zero love.

13. Great article and analogy of Moses & Aaron. Most American Christians exemplify the Aaron from the golden calf narrative, simply going along with the culture with whatever feels good. It’s too bad that the “American dream” of retirement has crept its way into the Christian faith. So many take the easiest road possible and “retire” from the God’s true will for them, they accept the “feel good” version of Christianity that are available today.

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