Tuesday, November 27

Repeating the Fall....generation to generation

"You will not surely die," the serpent said to the woman, "For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." Genesis 3:4-5 NIV

Adam stood by, while this exchange was going on and decided to stand on his hands, not doing his God designed duty of protecting beauty and order from the chaotic whisperings of the Enemy. And so we fell once Eve took a bite of the fruit and gave it to Adam. And the process of a creation gone wrong became the norm as mankind started to die. All because we sought to obtain God qualities to fill our God-like bodies……

And we've been dying ever since. You would wonder why God put the cherubim at the entrance to the Garden if you failed to take into account what man has done since the eviction from the garden. He has continued to seek those God qualities and powers to fill a body no longer living according to the designer's intention. He has continued to put himself further and further from God by trying to limit God to what he can obtain within his own means. And, for over two thousand years, we haven't learned from our mistakes.

We seek justice in our society; against those who would kill, maim, harm, or alter someone else's life. We seek awards for damages for the minorities who are abhorrent to God's design, because we are God's design and who better to know its limitations that the created themselves. We profess love, but leave the other side of the balance out of the picture….because wrath, righteous vengeance, and correction aren't our boundaries, but the boundaries established and represented by the Designer.

And, in seeking this humanistic justice, we allow a woman to become a vengeful or indifferent god by giving them the decision on whether to bring another life to term. We appoint the snake to once again give whispers of the distorted truth so that they will decide that having a child isn't fitting in their 'schedule for achievement' or 'productive to a happy lifestyle'. And again, we Adams stand to the side and allow the corruption of beauty and order as we fail to speak out because 'it’s a woman's body.' We appoint those who would 'toe the middle ground' and say it is a individual moralistic issue as cultures begin the slow decline into extinction, because birth rates are far lower than the aging population needs to stay healthy.

We allow this justice to be defined by individuals or minorities instead of realizing that the majority rule has always been the American way, that the few who work in the government represent not themselves but the PEOPLE. All Americans, those born by birth and those legally mixed into the great melting pot of our society. Instead, we allow corruption to rule the day under the banner of tolerance, wiping only our heritage from the moral fabric of the nation and adopting whatever seems to be the flavor of the moment. Gone are bibles and prayer from schools, gone is the traditional education system, gone is the need to have God defined wholly and completely by the leaders of our faith, and gone is the desire to reach out beyond ourselves.

We look at the Old Testament and laugh at the Israelites who wandered the desert for FORTY years, until the generation that had mocked God's blessing of the Promise Land was dust in the wind. We marvel at the seemingly stupidity of a chosen people to time and time again flaunt their humanistic greed to be gods in their Creator God's face. We look at the modern day remnant of the once great nation and tell them they are too rigid, too intolerant, as bombs explode in their cities and their children die. We make our decisions based upon what WE want and what WE need, and ignore the basic cry for a redeemer beyond our capabilities to bring us back to the original intent.

Too difficult to define, then leave out the parts that don't fit our own definition. Too hard to conceive, then make our conception less intrusive and labor intensive. We spend more time making excuses to excuse our own laziness and lack of purpose than realizing that the purpose we feel the call for lies before us…..just a few steps ahead. Instead of realizing that our opinion that the burden of a God who is beyond our understanding and who loves us enough to punish sinful deeds and lustful thoughts with consequences, we seek to define a god who will do our will and obey our commandments. Instead of listening to the words of a God-man who died on a painful Cross to realize for us a redeeming grace that would resound throughout the generations since, we look to discredit Him to cover our own shame of His wrongful death.

We are still trying to become god.

I just felt lead to be frank today.....this is what I feel in my heart, the fire of God's wrath and anger, His pure wonderment at a creation who would still mock Him. Take it as you wish.

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