Friday, April 29

You are involved in a conspiracy bigger than anything in history

It’s a tale of epic portions that defies even the logic of the multiple shooters in the John F Kennedy assassination, the Moon landing hoax or even Barrack Obama’s birth certificate cover-up. It reaches into the deepest halls of power and authority in human history and you, dear reader, are a part of it. Yes, you! In The Greener Grass Conspiracy, our co-conspirator Stephen Altrogge takes us into the darkest and biggest conspiracy known to mankind, the conspiracy to steal our happiness that we have through Jesus Christ. Our hearts, along with the world and Satan, have come together to make us perpetually discontented.

Pastor Altrogge, using personal experience and biblical wisdom, carries us through our own cohabitation with the enemy in the “perpetual [manufacturing] of idols”, our foolish attempts to be God and other factors of the GGC to bring us to a point where we can fight the conspiracy within and find the contentment that God provides for us on our “side of the fence” rather than be continually enticed by the belief that it is truly ‘greener on the other side.’

Through though-provoking questions at the end of each chapter and a steady, easy-to-grasp style of the profound, Altrogge takes us through the journey to realize that the grass beneath our feet is the best in the world because our God has provided for our contentment regardless of where we are. But unlike other authors, Altrogge doesn’t stop at the end pages of the book but offers to continue to the discussion in his blog, , and his connection on Twitter ( and Facebook (

After reading this easy and thought-provoking book, you may want to take him up on his offer of continuance.

Altrogge is a Pastor at Sovereign Grace Church of Indiana, Pennsylvania leading worship and working with college students. He is an accomplished song writer with worship songs on the Sovereign Grace Music label and has authored another book entitled Game Day For the Glory of God: A Guide For Athletes, Fans, and Wanabes, which was published by Crossway Books in September 2008 as well as his latest offering, The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentment on Your Side of the Fence.

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