Wednesday, March 30

The Ultimate Gift

“We understand what love is when we realize that Christ gave His life for us. That means we must give our lives for other believers.” 1 John 3:16(GW)

We often dramatize this verse… our physical life into death for another believer. We pat ourselves on the back and think we’re doing something wonderful if we have that moment in which our life becomes forfeit for another….in that situation. Then we continue on about our day, ignoring the brothers and sisters struggling to make ends meet and having disasters visit their doorstep. We will help so long as it doesn’t create for us any inconvenience or trouble. We will do outreach with our churches only if several conditions are met; our funds have covered our building and salary expenses and it fits into our ‘free’ time. We will do anything and everything so long as it is in our best interests and meets our desires.

Look at the verse again.

Christ gave His life. This life did not start at the age of thirty, when most theologians believe He started His earth-bound ministry. It didn’t start in the height of royalty or wealth. We look at the end of Christ’s life (and reasonably so) and forget that He lived a life from birth to death that spanned thirty-three years. Now read that verse again. His life, not just the end of His life or a moment or two. He gave His entire life to the love that He holds for each of us. Before we were even born.

The Ultimate Gift, we call it.

Now how does that reflect in your life?

Two people recently stepped up to me and blessed me with some things that were needed in my life, both of them were inconvenienced somewhat by their blessings. They gave a part of their lives so that I would be blessed. They stepped out of their world and into mine, with the intentionality of making a difference for me. It would’ve been easier to just let the moment pass by. They are still alive, living life on this broken world…….but I would say they’ve exemplified this verse.

How have you reflected your love in this way to those around you?

How have you been an ultimate gift to those who believe like you?

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