Monday, August 24

Seven days till season's end...

“In his heart a man plans his journey, but the LORD leads his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Friday I stopped by to meet the owner of the trailer and put 100.00 dollars of the 200.00 deposit down, ‘to hold’ the trailer until the next Friday, when I’m supposed to sign the purchase agreement and the mobile home park lease. I’ve informed my current landlord of my decision to move, promising to be out of the apartment by the 1st of September….so that I do not end up owing money upon my departure. As hard as I’ve tried with DTE to get a final ‘bill’, the helpful lady on the other end of the phone line would only say I owe 694.00 and there will be a required deposit. I haven’t checked with Consumer’s about the gas and will find out about the water when I sign the park lease. As of yet, there is no one and no way to pay for child care for the kids… The morning is still a problem in regards to how I’m going to look after the kids and be at my job, though the afternoon doesn’t look that bad, at the moment, for such concerns. I’ve missed the Plymouth-Canton School District by a quarter of a mile, so the kids are supposed to go to Wayne Schools…...I don’t even know if I’ll have enough to cover the rent for the first month and the three days remaining in August along with the security deposit, that is dependent on the return of the security and last month’s rent from the current landlord. I have no clue how I am going to move, both the boxes and the big stuff on my own…I have to GET boxes…Sign the kids up for school…. I have to contact DirectTV and see if I can have my friend’s account transferred to the Canton address, there’s still about a year and a few months before I can cancel the contract and not hurt my friend’s credit which she graciously put online so we could have something to watch in the northern village of Holly. I have to begin packing and cleaning the apartment.
I would like to fix the floor, putting carpet in the bedrooms and living room and retiling the linoleum in the kitchen as well as fixing the linoleum floor in the wash room, but I don’t know if that’s possible time-wise and financially….and I don’t know how I’m going to pay for the necessary repairs to the wall in what is to be my son’s room (two panels, at least, if not the whole room needs to be replaced. Would like to replace it with 3/8” drywall). There are no doors for any of the bedrooms, which I’d like to have…. I’d like to build some closets for both of the kids rooms and fix the rear entrance door, which is boarded up at the moment. Rip out and replace the carpet in my room, fix the hole in the closet wall…. I spent the time last night praying about this, asking for a last minute reprieve from going back down into the city….but it seems God is calling me out of my isolation and back into the complexities of dealing with the children’s birth mother down the road (still struggle with that) and being in close proximity to my sister again (a good thing). Whatever God has planned for this new season will, based upon experience, something exciting and growth building, progressing me towards another step in this journey home. The kids are excited and eager to move….closer to family, and closer to ‘civilization’.
And I’ll have to find a local church to attend. I can, fortunately, maintain my enjoyed and challenging tutoring under Pastor Jim Combs through the internet, even if I cannot physically be present to be there live.
As I step out in faith that God has made this provision for a place for my family to move to, I must believe that He has also provisioned the needs that such a move would take.
It’s all on God’s time and God’s dime…..I am planning the journey, but God is leading my footsteps. I would appreciate prayer for the week as I work, pack, clean….for clarification on transporting the possessions to the new place, repairing what needs to be done and allowing peace about the things I’d like to do…for grace and mercy with the financial end of everything…and for the coming weekend, from Saturday afternoon until Sunday night, as I load and unload our family from Holly to Canton.
As always, the prayers of the faithful are deeply desired, wonderfully felt and heartily heard by our dear Lord and Father for the conforming and glorification of His will for His children and the promise of their care.

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