Monday, January 12


"Without prophetic vision people run wild, but blessed are those who follow [God's] teachings." (Proverbs 29:18 GWT)

In the last seven or eight months, I have been shown the beauty and the grace of God's provision for His children. People have responded in ways that I couldn't have ever imagined with financial blessings that have enabled me to secure a dwelling place, a vehicle (one replacing the one that was originally purchased after the accident), and provide some needed clothes for my son.

There have been those, too, who have responded with support through edification, active involvement, and prayer. Others have stepped forward to help me with situations, not with financial blessings, but knowledge and wisdom which are equally as valuable and timely as the other blessings were.

Each have taught me that God WILL provide for His children, in His TIMING, and according to His METHODS. Nothing that I have done affected the outcome; nothing I thought altered the course set by God for the provisioning.

I have learned the lesson I can see God teaching me, and yet it seems that a greater fear consumes me with that understanding. With great power comes great responsibility…..

I haven't been writing on my blog, not because I haven't had anything to write about. The testimony of God's provision and timing echo in the hallways of my life, and I have far less 'physical' possessions than when this season started…yet the spiritual possessions seem to have expanded. I am not suddenly a great theologian, no great giant of faith, nor am I suddenly finding myself in the ministry calling that I once pursued with a single-minded passion. If anything else, I realize in greater and greater detail as the days pass of my broken, sinful nature and the need of a Savior.

I realize that even in the storm of this life, my life speaks of an impact from God. The spiritual giants I walk among, towering above me to lofty heights, have benefited me far more than I have from the relationship we share and yet my story speaks, even without words.

George, author of Worthy Ministries, has provided another 'sign' from God that I am still to be about His purpose for me, even in a time where there is the greatest opposition to that purpose. I am in far less shape, in accordance to those to whom the power seems to be, to embrace and pursue that 'vision'. Yet, George speaks the familiar echoes of God's continuous prompting….." Has the Lord given you a vision? Has He given you an assignment to accomplish? Now is the time to lay hold of that vision and continue to fulfill your calling. It may not happen as you planned or expected…but be confident of this fact…that your work in the Lord is not in vain!"

Pastor Jim Combs, of the newly combined River of Faith (The River church and Faith Baptist merging congregations), spoke of true friendship in the last few Sundays, and of living in Friday-Sunday of the Passion week….with such notables as John, the beloved apostle, and John the Baptist, announcer of the Christ…..all things that I have been living out in the last three weeks.

Steve T. coming an hour out of his way to pick me up to get me to a coworker's house so I could get to work, Sam C. (that coworker) taking me to work and the following day all the way home, an hour drive from his house in GOOD weather, in the midst of a snow storm and helping me with car repairs on the new vehicle. K.B., stepping out in faith to invest in a brother. Others who sent checks to help with repair or purchase of another vehicle; all in economically stressing times.

Verses flying out of the devotionals and missives I read from a multitude of people; some with widely varying ideals of the very religion we 'share'. Prompting my focus away from the moments of my life and back into the very thing I have pushed to the back burner. As I remarked to a friend, this is not the time in my walk to walk into ministry. And yet, everything points towards a rededication of purpose, a fulfillment of purpose, and God's provision to be living that life of purpose.

There is a lot of talk about social awareness, about making the Gospel appetizing to the world who seems to be further and further away from it by purpose and choice as each day passes. There is a talk in the mega churches of broadening the horizon of the congregation of less teaching and more doing, even if that doing is sloppy and potentially harmful to the commission of Christ, which is girthed about the waist of any believer.

It is more about being a good citizen of the world rather than a solider in the Army of the Lord.

I guess I'm just babbling here today, trying to focus my thoughts upon what God is speaking. For generations, God has spoke directly to His people…..yet we still don't hear. We still don't do. We still seek alternatives to the plans and schemes of God.

But I feel fear; fear of letting myself hang out in that time of God's purposing and being once again judged 'guilty' by the tribe called mankind.

In my heart, I know that revival will be coming upon this world; the last, greatest revival known….and it will not be the mega that do it… will be the dedicated few, in pews of small congregations or on street corners in the 'rough' neighborhoods that will bring about the revival.

It will be you and me; with our stories and our testimonies. Living broken lives, fighting against the old sinful self, and failing as often as God succeeds that will be catalysts for the revival……in whispers and quiet conversations empty of agendas and purpose….our hearts speaking where only they can be heard and redemption will come to those who are hungry for salvation through the seasoning of the Spirit.

One last, great push for Mankind's attention……before the end.

Just my thoughts……

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