Tuesday, December 9

A prayer for the season from my friend Garry

A regular email I get, called Men's prayers, from the ministry of Men2men...www.men2menministries.blogspot.com....and my friend Garry, hits the hopes of the season for all of us Christians......

I decided to repost it here.

Father, We are entering what will be for some a very hectic, chaotic time of the year. Pastors busy with numerous projects and visits, music directors working out the final details of the music they have been practicing for the past two months or so, school teachers busy trying to keep a lid on things as their students know Christmas vacation is only one or two more weeks away, and they are just as excited about the days off as their teachers are. Many workers fretting about whether their job will still be there because of the state of the economy and the possibility of their jobs down sizing or moving out of the country. Busy, busy, busy with little time to stop and think about what this time of year is really all about.

But Lord, as we read the story of Christ's birth we see that things were a little hectic the night our Savior was born too. Mary and Joseph barely made it to the manger before he made His entrance into the world. Angels waking up sleeping shepherds and scaring them half out of their wits to announce the birth of the Savior; Then the shepherds trekking their way to Bethlehem to see this Wonder of wonders. I can only imagine how their boisterously loud voices shattered the quiet sleeping quarters of the Savior as they crowded inside the manger to get as close as they could to the child that was the subject of the angel's songs. And as each Shepherd inched his way closer to the child in the makeshift hospital room, what did they see? A sleeping baby, resting in the arms of his adoring mother. The Prince of Peace sleeping peacefully as the world He came to save was oblivious to His entrance and was spinning out of control. And suddenly, the peace that was proclaimed by the angels came over the shepherds, for they were seeing, before their very eyes, just as the angels had announced, the Savior, who was Messiah, the Lord most high.

Help us Lord, to make ourselves look for a few moments of quiet peace so that we can reflect upon the true meaning of this time of year. Help us not to get so involved that we forget to celebrate in our hearts what Christ's birth has come to mean in our lives. This Child of Christmas did not remain in the cradle. He eventually went to the grave to save us all from our wretched sins. If we believe in this blessed truth, we are no longer at war with the Father, but we have entered into his eternal peace. Thank you for the peace of Christmas that I have in me even now as I write. I love You Father.


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