Thursday, November 20

"Put me in!"

"A faithful man will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished." Proverbs 28:20

I keep hearing that song, I think by Cheap know the one, "Put me in Coach, I'm ready to!" At least, that's how it goes in the replay of my mind. It has been a consistent, up until recently, utterance during my prayer time, my meetings with the leadership group, and other activities that I have participated in my journey towards home.....amongst the faithful and like-minded family of the faithful.

Nothing has happened much, at least until recently, regarding that consistent cry and any attempts of my own humanity to make it happen. In fact, it seems to have gone backwards, not towards the goal of working in ministry as I believe God called me to waaaaaay back in October of 2004.

So much opposition, even within the community of believers. You have to have a seminary degree, be attached to a denomination, or subscribe fully to a doctrine that is espoused by the Lead or Founding Pastor. You have to be 'perfect' in your home, financial, and spiritual journey....there is no room for mistakes like a dropped football or a missed pass. Human standards abound even in the world of Christianity.

Someone told me that now, on what seems like the verge of achievement, that I've backed off my relentless pursuit of ministry. Even here, in this blog, I've expressed time and time again that determination to jump when God calls.

I've missed that call; the persistent one that keeps telling me to stop sitting on the bench and come practice; practice faithfully, consistently, and hard. Until recently, those passion-driven pursuits have been in my own efforts to make it happen. Even when I would try to relax and let God work.

But, my mind has turned and I'm now that player who shows up to practice every day and gives his best in the tests, play running, and skill improvement exercises. No, God hasn't impressed upon me that the call is going to be realized at the church I'm at, in the ministries I am involved in, or even out in an adventure of my own.........

That's the point, I guess. It is not in the achievement of the goal of ministry full-time that God wants me involved in....It isn't even going to garner me a pat on the head from Him once I walk upon the stage in front of a congregation for the first time, a desire and passionate calling fulfilled.

It's in the practice, without expectation of playing on the field the following Monday. It's suiting up on Game Day and cheering those who stomp out onto the field of dreams and hear the accolades of the cheering fans......and being one of the loudest as I watch this epic battle between the usurper of this world and the Lord of All.

Oh, the song still beats in my heart of hearts....."Put me in Coach....."

But, as I sit on the bench.....I am so caught up in the game that I don't even think I'll respond right off the bat when the call comes in that I am going into the game........if it comes this side of heaven.....

It doesn't matter what I do, for my efforts are wasted and futile. But I'll continue to show up for practice and faithfully work hard, consistently stretching my faith, and on game day will show up in full uniform, with the enthusiasm for the Team......for the victory of the Lord and His children in this battle on the gridiron of this world.

There's no quick path to the richness of God's mercy, grace, and terms of our understanding. But there is much to be said about the reward of being faithfully consistent in the pursuit of it's realization.

For God is always faithful and will show Himself to those who seek after Him.
Faithfulness, consistency and hard work bless a man with the revenue and riches to be a blessing to his family, his friends, and his community.

Are you putting the same drive into your pursuit of God that you do in your job?

Are you truly ready to play?

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