Thursday, September 4

Returning to foundations

"If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Psalm 11:3 NASB

It seems to me that this Presidential election is not simply about religious upbringing and its display in the lives of the Presidential candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties, or even the 'ineffective' Third-party candidates. It is not about the rendering of the moral fabric of this once great nation which is so caught up in gazing into the proverbial mirror at its reflection, thinking how 'tolerant' and 'inclusive' it is.

This election is about foundations; the foundations that once made this grand experiment so necessary and risky. The foundations that have existed in each great nation in the world….not in terms of its size, might, or gross national product…but in terms of sustainability. Like any structure, once the foundation is shaken and broken, its demise is a foregone conclusion. The only question left is when.

There is much going on in the evangelical circles that resemble a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off. The battle cry of the faithful this election isn't, "May God be glorified in our electing our leaders," but rather a frighten squawk of "We must defeat Obama" and elect McCain for President….it is the only solution we have to the looming despair of an extreme liberal obtaining the highest office in the land.

I agree that a United States of America under the leadership of Barack Obama and those he would bring into positions of high political and societal strength would only cause this nation's descend into the darkness of moral and spiritual depravity to escalate to supersonic speed. The annilation of the next generation, on a scale greater than any genocide the world has known would be complete, the destruction of the family –a foundation of critical need within the American society, would be complete and forthcoming, and the 'end times' spoken of in the Bible would begin (if they haven't already).

I also think that the complete liberation of society from the moral foundations Christ showed us while He walked this earth, and that His (and our) Heavenly Father speaks of in His critical writings collectively known as the Bible, would continue under McCain's leadership of this nation…..albeit maybe at a slower pace, but it would continue.

None of the Third-party candidates, I think, would fare any better.

We, the American People, have made our beds…..and it looks like our death beds… it is fitting that we would have to lie in them this election year. The next four years, regardless of which candidate makes the office of The President of the United States, is going to be a sad, continued progression away from God. Away from our foundations. How quick or slow that progress is….that is the only factor it seems we can decide.

We, the People…..

We don't want to look at the past because it would expose the dangerous cliffs that we traverse in this present and the boulders, awaiting our passage on the trail ahead, ready to fall upon us all. We don't want to acknowledge that our country was founded on principles set forth in the Bible, the sacred text of Chrisitianity. We won't articulate that the family; of one man, one woman, and a host of little ones, is the very glue that made our society work. We don't want to admit that we've become lax in our pursuit of the grand experiment.

We don't want to admit that everything wrong with society is our fault and WE, THE PEOPLE, allowed it to allowing politicians to claim the House of Representatives; designed to have common citizens fill its ranks instead of rich and powerful citizens to claim its halls. We've allowed the Judiciary Branch of government make the laws, the Legislative Branch to interpet them, and the Executive Branch to be filled with ineffective and unfaithful men. And each filled with those who have their own agenda and their own desires, totally counterpoint in most cases, to the WILL of the People. A few 'people' elect our Presidents....the Electoral College, which has transformed from its purpose to be an orgasim all its own; too powerful in its enormancy that it no longer serves its purpose.

A government that was designed to serve the people it governs and who is ruled by the people has become an entity that governs itself and rules the people.

The grand experiment appears to have failed, because of our lack of accountability to the dream.

Under Obama, we will become a part of the 'greater' world nation......where the term 'American' is spoken of in whispered fear and thought of as nothing more than a place we geographically reside in. The ownership of the dream will reside in countries where such freedom and patriotism is frowned upon and legistlatively destroyed.

Under McCain, it would be more subtle but no less the same process. Maybe it wouldn't be complete under McCain's term, but it would continue and ultimately be fulfilled in new President's term.

With our blessings.

We continue to allow the errosion of our foundations to weaken our great nation and ultimately the structure that our Forefathers, with the blood of patriots spilled, created will fall upon the weak foundation that can no longer support it.

If we are to reclaim this great nation's dream and be the people of freedom and tolerance that our forefathers spoke into creation, we have to shore up the weakened structure and renew the tenstile strength again.

What foundations?

Servanthood. Family. God.

The main foundation, upon which all foundations are built is God. With 83% of Americans claiming a belief in Christianity.....we should be more in step with His commandments instead of our own in our government and the laws written; as is reflected in our nation's forming.

The main support foundation is based upon God's own unchanging love for us, as reflected in 1 John 4:19: "We love him, because he first loved us"

"Our faith needs to be founded firmly upon this fact that all of God's dealings with us are based upon His love." Zac Poonen, in his sermon entitled 'Love - The Basis of All God's Dealings with Man, states. "The words "He will rest in his love " in Zephaniah 3:17, have been translated: "He is silently planning for you in love."

A love that knows all; our failings, our weaknesses, and our strengths. A love that can carry wrath and a love that can redeem. If only we realize that there is nothing that does not come from God's hands, the worry and fears that we have regarding even the presidential candidates would disappear. Even the struggles that we face are for a purpose; even the ones that are the harshest.

A love that is focused on the end result.........

"If you are mired in quicksand, stuck in confusion and anxiety, then ask the Holy Spirit to rescue you and to set you free so you can minister in truth and love to those God sends you." Carolyn Baker,, wrote in a devotional, "One caution: always validate everything in God’s Word and be sure to spend time in prayer. We often don’t… understand because we don’t ask for it."

On this historic occasion, as we elect to the highest office in the land let us keep in mind that God calls us to live our faith exposed, open to view to all that are around us. Let's not let the light be dimmed because we are afraid, and elect into office a man who isn't the best candidate.

Let us hold each to the standards God Himself has set and vote for the one that reflects the morals and values that we ourselves hold dear.

"There is only one Way of salvation—by the grace of God through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and one hope of our calling—that we might stand now and forever in the glory of God to the praise of His holy and exalted name." T.M. Moore, editor of Worldview Church and dean of the BreakPoint Centurions writes in his article 'The Worldview Church' "Two thousand years after The Way burst onto the historical scene, its legacy has become a thousands-lane highway where people of varying communions putter along or race ahead, sometimes weaving in and out of traffic, but all the while looking out for their own safety above all."

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline." Proverbs 1:7

Such is the standard we should have for our leaders WE, THE PEOPLE, elect.

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This article refers to Love - The Basis Of All God's Dealings With Man, an article by Zac Poonen.

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