Friday, March 28


"For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever." Romans 1:25 (NASB)

Get for yourself that which is true, and do not let it go for money; get wisdom and teaching and good sense." Proverbs 23:23 (BEB)

There is a new movie coming out from Ben Stein, entitled "Expelled" that talks about the debate between evolution theory and intelligent design. Ben Stein says, "There's no doubt about it. We have lots and lots of evidence that [a deity created life] in the movie. And you know Einstein worked within the framework of believing there was a God. Newton worked within the framework of believing there was a God. For gosh sakes Darwin worked within the framework of believing there was a God. And yet, somehow, today you're not allowed to believe it. Why can't we have as much freedom as Darwin had?" Quoted in Christian News and Research of Christianity Today article by Marty White, Executive Administrative Editor.

Man has always been on a quest for truth, but it seems that we are constantly changing the standards to that which we declare are fundamental truths. Sometimes it is because we realize that what we thought was true isn't; such as demeaning and devaluing another race because of differences. Unfortunately, we too often are too pigheaded to have a Truth that is far beyond our capability to alter to our world and so we adjust the telling of what that Truth may be to suit our desires.

And when we do that, we run afoul of nature, others, and ultimately God Himself. Altered truth cannot stand the weathering of time, or the assault by those who oppose its rotten core. Ultimately, human truth falls prey to those who would change it to their own methods and society fails.

We have taught our children that they are lucky, lucky to walk on the earth because we've allowed them to be born. And in that truth, we have taught that they aren't valued or treasured and without our intervention, have no purpose or individuality. We call it abortion and right to chose.

We teach our children that they are special and things can be adapted to eliminate competition, goals, and rules because of that. And families have broken over the growing tendency of children gone amok. Love cannot exist, we claim, with boundaries and absolutes and then we create scattered lives without focus.

Truth is on the auction block to the highest bidder, that person with the loudest voice that proclaims the succor of love can only be filled by their proclamation. And we follow as sheep because we don't want to offend, devalue, or be brought against the law in our desire to correct and ascertain the real Truth.

We remove what we believe is the only obstacle to our being gods, able to proclaim and enforce a truth that changes before the dawning of another day that we are incapable of creating. We remove God, for there can only be one and we want us to be that one. Despite our human failings, fragility, or self-preserving tendencies.

The Truth cannot be altered by individuals, truthfully. It stands far above our individual needs, wants, and desires. It hasn't changed in eons. And it can set you free, far beyond the boundaries we too often allow to be imposed upon our life.

It's not mystic, it's not illusionary, but it is frightening in the sheer power that comes from knowing and realizing the Truth. You become free, beyond the lock-down cry of self-preservation, and are able to move freely within boundaries set by the Designer.

Yet, we don't want the Truth and keep rewriting it. Isn't there something wrong with that picture?

"When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into the full truth. He won't speak on his own. He will speak what he hears and will tell you about things to come." John 16:13 (GWT)

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