Wednesday, March 19

Ordinary lives....extraordinary achievements. The key is God.

"Looking at them, Jesus said, "With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God."" Mark 10:27 NAS

Last night I was able to get to watch a movie based on a real person who showed me again that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Amazing Grace, the story of Wilberforce primarily focused on his contribution to ending the slave trade that predominated the English society for years. At the end, one of the characters that opposed Wilberforce stood and said, "Who would've though so much passion from a commoner." At least, something to that effect.

What hit me was the conversation Wilberforce had with his cook. He was trying to explain to him about his 'crazy' behaviors and the cook asked him, "Find God?" Wilberforce replied, "No, He found me. Most inconvienant." Instead of following a natural desire to change professions, Wilberforce allowed himself to be convinced to stay where he was and "change the world."

Wilberforce had two primary objectives for his life; two missions that he dedicated his entire life and passion to. To end the slave trade and to reform society. Much of the twenty some odd years he spent fighting on those two fronts. The reformation of society was apparently easier than the fight to end slave trade. Only three days prior to his death did that dream come true.

An ordinary man, gifted in speech and personality, wasn't only known for those things but the way he would touch someone's life in pursuit of his missions. No one who knew Wilberforce remained the same. And the world slowly shifted in response to his determination.

No doubt he would've been embarassed by such things as the adulations and honors accorded to him since his time here, he would've pointed to a faith that would not let him lie still. Despite failure and rejection for the majority of his political life, Wilberforce kept to the missions appointed before him whether in good health or sickness.

And he shows us the truth of the Mark verse, when God is at the helm there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things with the strength of God behind them.

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