Tuesday, January 15

The results......

They posted the winners of the top five positions and I did not achieve a spot on that list, but I know that I have won far more than some temporary prize. Each one of your comments and the time you took to vote, are more valuable and lasting than the prize of cash. I achieved a ranking 7th out of 1,000s. Here's the post from the Faithvine staff, with the top five.

We have your winners! This is to announce the five highest-rated articles from our article contest. Out of well over a thousand articles, these are the ones who received the most votes from Faithvine members....

$1,000 - Poems: All Will Know, by David Poku (550 votes)

$500 - The Church Today, by Lara Dahora (441 votes)

$250 - Two Clay Pots, by H.L. Hussmann (139 votes)

$125 - Four Differences, by Jahan Berns (81 votes)

$125 - Play the Sunset, by Tim LaVere (52 votes)

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