Wednesday, November 7

Not a strange breed after all.....

As is His usual style, God provides me with a lesson within a lesson when I am least expecting it......and with a bit of humor, I learn this new lesson at school.

God has truly blessed and watched over each one of my children as they navigate the public school system. I have experienced less of the horrors that most parents, let alone Christian parents, have told me of in the systems that exist in their communities or in society at large. I have found caring professionals in each one of the grades my children have experienced so far in their educational path, each with something unique and beneficial to give. Some are clearly Christians and others are not so clear, but obviously seeking the higher standard.

But truly, I thought that I was a breed apart from mainstream Christianity because of my political views and my willingness to stand on the corner and decry the failing moralistic standards of our once great Nation. I thought I was alone in wanting the government that our ForeFathers designed, implemented, and left to the following generations. I thought I was alone.....

But I had a wonderful conversation with one of my children's teaching professionals. And it was a good talk about the state of our state, the direction of our nation, and what Christians should do. I really enjoyed what had appeared on the surface to be one of those LONG nights.

And then, as we were scurrying to the next and LAST meeting with the kid's teachers, my wife talked about what I had been discussing. She seemed surprised that I would enjoy a conversation with someone that disagreed with the solution I thought was right. You see, my partner in dialogue last night is of the persuasion that Hillary Clinton must be kept out of office at all cost. I am of the persuasion that the Republician offerings for the highest office in this nation are poor quality and so I am leaning to the Constitutional Party. This might ensure Clinton the election, but I cannot allow the Republican party to continue their alienation of the people through allowing them to think they can elect whomever, just so long as the Democratic nominee is worse than their nominee is. It is time, in my opinion, that Christians vote their values and not compromise to vote for the 'best' of the choices.

As the one of the spiritual gifts that Paul speaks about says, we must find those who would be leaders in our nations' government that "govern diligently." Our government is elected to represent the majority will with fairness and compassion. Our governmental 'employees' are to put their personal agendas aside and represent those who they have been send to give voice to.

Why does our nation continue to struggle? Why does our streets and cities continue to erode into decay and decadence? Why does the world frown upon America?

Because we have forgotten the face of our Father.

Christians, now, more than ever need to be guilty of the crimes that society say we commit; that of vocalness, of political activeness, of majority rule, and of the current definition of "intolerance".

Yes, we need to be intolerant of a government that is no longer "OF the people and FOR the people."

We need to set the standards that once led our nation to the greatness it once knew, when the government turned its face to the Heavenly Father.

But the lesson within the lesson that I learned last night is that others will watch what you do, others will seek to understand what you do, and you can influence someone else to greater heights.

My children and my wife watched me participate in a discussion with someone who has the same faith I do but with a slightly different opinion politically, and express appreciation at that 'opposing' view.

And they can hopefully see how Christians are supposed to act, engage, and change society's downward spiral. By discussion, by election, and by prayer to our Almighty Father, from who all things are enabled.

My thoughts,

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