Tuesday, October 16

Great book, inspired thoughts

Andrew Murray states, in warning, "The power of the world, the spirit of its literature, the temptations of business and pleasure, all unite to make up a religion in which it is sought to combine a comfortable hope for the future with the least possible amount of sacrifice in the present."

That is the gist of the book Green Leaf in Drought by Isobel Kuhn. The quote is in the last page under the conclusion title. This book has given me hope. Hope to survive the drought in which I find myself, hope that my Lord and Saviour has me in His sights and will favor me in my striving to honor the call. But, some additional thoughts about what this book (and God's prompting) has given me:

That is the plight of the American Christian today. Not the fact that wherever you go, Christ and His followers are maligned and the truth distorted. But simply the fact that no matter 'what' we do for Christ, we want to be comfortable.

Alot of Christians say, "Well, I make the money, I should be blessed with the rewards of making it." While their fellows are losing homes, losing family, and losing their very livelihood. There is no reason why they should drive the fancy cars and live in the too-big house, after all God has blessed them with it all, right?

Immediately a Pastor will usually say, "I'm not talking about everybody and I think that it is okay....if...." That's the pursuit today, to be comfortable when we give.....as one Pastor puts it, "Give generously or not at all." Another will throw up "God loves a generous giver." with the scripture to support it. But when does the pursuit of money become the god we worship?

I don't have a brand new car, the one I have is falling apart. It, along with my wife's car, is in desperate need of repair....but we have a car, which a majority of the world does not....and we have two.

The loss of the house is still a thorn in my side, each moment I wake up and each moment I fall to sleep. I miss having the office where I could go, study and prepare. Now, if I want to study or prepare my sermon, I do it at work or at the kitchen table. But there are those who are living in cardboard boxes, in garbage dumps, and/or in the open. We have rooms for each of the five of us.......

I hate my job, it doesn't challenge me or fulfill me the way the Chapel does on Sunday or the Men Mentoring Men does on the Saturday meets. I don't feel I'm doing what I'm qualified to do, or what I'd like to do. But, even in the very state I live in, there are those who would love to have the job I have.......because it would enable them to step up from where they are.

Do you have riches? Do you really need those things that adorn the driveway or the garage? Rather than an end to the means, are they a means to an end? What pursuits drive your day? Do you wake every morning hoping that God will bless you with someone in need of blessing or do you wake every morning thinking about what financal needs you have that day?

I struggle with this, but on the end of not being blessed financially. Which gives me the perspective other than the 'rich man' of the biblical warnings.

That is a blessing of itself.

As it says in Isaiah 58:11; "And the LORD will continually guide you, And satisfy your desire in scorched places, And give strength to your bones; And you will be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail."

No matter what drought we face; financial, personal, spiritual, God will always provide. All we have to do is allow Him that priviledge to subject our wants, needs, and desires to His will.

With a view that spans the centuries, don'cha think He's in a position to know best?

In Christ,

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