Tuesday, August 14

Psalm 102

Here is a prayer I posted on Faithwriter's today where I tried to bring my own flavor and style to a favorite Psalm of mine, 102. So far, I have gotten an email saying I've missed the most important parts of 102.I've noticed a lot less reading of the blog here, but still hope to get some idea of what you guys think:A Modern day Psalm 102by Jim Hutson 08/01/07Free to Share Author requests article critique Mighty Creator, ABBA Father,I lie prostrate on the ground, with only the firm reality of Your creation keeping my body from sinking lower into the depths. Your child cries out in desperation and despair, can You hear the anguish that has become my daily companion? Listen, Father, Your son needs the direct and full attention of Your mercy and grace upon my pleas. Affect in my life a drastic and impactful change, removing my trials. I am standing on sinking sand; send Your angels to rescue me!I stagger under the weight of my despair that has seized my mind,As if there is no future, no condolence in the struggle.Death awaits the stilling of my faith's heartbeat,Weariness weighs my arms and legs and fatigue haunts my strength.Enemies of my past haunt my future and surround me in the depths of my despair,As the True King has turned His gaze from me and removed all blessings.I am but a shadow-----Of the man You created me to be.But You are as You have always been, Holy and Pure.Your creation still echoes Your Glory and the Heavens shine with the brightness of Your Sovereignty.Your Name has withstood the changing of the generations,Your Power and Might are undiminished from the beginning of Time.All I see, touch, taste, and hear owe its creation to Your Desire and Will.Your mercy gazes upon the ruin of creation and affects change.Your promises restore and renew those whom Your servant loves and cherishes.You have laid waste to my strength, and devastated my path,Bringing me into a position of servititude before Your throne, prostrate upon the dirty ground.Though You have removed Your hand from my life and mercy from my cup,I beg You to give Your servant hope, so that I may release my hold upon this world.Bless Your servant's wife and children, and those he loves.Demonstrate Your mercy and grace powerfully in ways that they can understand and see.Stand with them in their struggles, few as they will be in Your mighty hands, and bask them in Your love as they spend their days in glorious service to You.Be with them each day so that they will not know an hour without Your love,Covering them as if with new clothes each and every day.

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