Tuesday, August 28

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08/20/07 America, You have forgotten the face of YOUR FATHER
08/13/07 You've got to be kidding
08/03/07 The Star
08/01/07 A Modern day Psalm 102
07/30/07 Where is God?
07/24/07 Still a sinful man, and proud of it
07/24/07 Who are you?
06/29/07 A politics of Misdirection
06/26/07 Silence on the airwaves
06/20/07 To label me a prodigal would be only scratching at the surface of who I used to be
06/13/07 The community we are called to be
06/07/07 A tribute to Rhonda Hart, WMUZ 1035
06/07/07 So what, I am a follower of Christ and have no excuse
05/31/07 Love your enemies
05/16/07 Rev Jerry Falwell, not my buddy but a great warrior
05/03/07 Are you inspection ready???
04/26/07 I'm a MAD Christian
04/23/07 Stormy weather
04/18/07 Where was God that Virginian morning when evil walked the world?
04/13/07 Haven't we learned?
04/10/07 An Resurrection day to beat all others
03/28/07 We have less than a week to live
03/21/07 We live in a STATE OF WAR
03/16/07 Woe to not doing your purpose
03/15/07 Are you afraid of boo boos?
03/13/07 Have you realized the power?
03/08/07 The truth is distorted
03/01/07 Are you burning???
02/19/07 Laws to live by
02/14/07 All we need is LOVE
08/07/07 I was death's angry victim
08/01/07 Man's creation
07/18/07 I just wanna be happy
05/01/07 Develop a spiritual callous
02/06/07 Career Day
01/26/07 The dream of the map
01/12/07 Where to begin?
01/09/07 A Father's cake
12/12/06 Unsung on earth, Hailed in Heaven

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