Monday, August 27

The agility test for the Fire Department......

After dragging an 120 pound dummy 50ft, pounding on a log to simulate forced entry with a sledge hammer, walking up a flight of stairs to pull a 35lbs weight one story, climbing a ladder and descending, walking two 50 ft hoses 100ft and connecting them to a hydrant connection, grabbing a length of 20ft rolled hose and entry gear and climbing four stories, and then simulating ceiling aeration by lifting the tool 15 times, I finished the agility test for the Fire Department. Of course, they didn't tell me if I had finished in 10minutes or not.
But I felt the prayers, because the Devil was certainly working on me as I stood there with six YOUNG guys and one older, much with academy training already. I knew, was convinced, that this was all a waste of my time because I was so out of shape. But I bowed my head and prayed, hoping to overcome this fear that made me refuse to raise my hand to do the testing. I was waiting on the last guy before I would have to go or signal that I was quitting
A peace descended and God said, "Would you do this for Me? Even if you know you are going to fail?" What could I say but "Yes, send me and I will go" "Will you trust Me?" Again, what could I say but "Yes". "Will you do this, not for your glory but Mine? Will you go forward on My word? Will you stand in fear or go in confidence?" Hmmmmmm, by the time the second to last guy was done......I was still fearful I would fail....but not that I would fail. Make sense?
As I put on the firefighting jacket, the airtank, the helmet, and gloves, I said another quick prayer; that I would not bring anything but glory and honor to the King of Kings and that I would feel the strength of the saint's prayers, as I stepped out in my testing. And I did honor, the Sargent said, "I don't know what you were praying but it worked. You did well..(how did he know?)...." for a "gasping, sweating buckets, and aching all over to the point where the last station was a painful experience" candidate………..
The affirmation came from my son, Casey, as I showed him the structure where I did the testing. He asked me if I was afraid, and I said yes. He asked me then if I had prayed and I said yes. He said, "Then God gave you the strength to do it!". Darn, but I do love that kid!
Where I go from here is in God's design.....but I know where I have gone with His blessings and the prayers of the saints......

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